Title: Traceability as a tool in the quality system

Final project
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This project studies the quality system in a shrimp processing company in Iceland. The study focuses on traceability and safety for cooked peeled shrimp (Pandalus boreales) and how traceability is an important tool in this system. The quality system was studied by selecting chapters of the quality handbook, which are related to safety and traceability. The product traceability is ensured by identification and labelling of units in each link and record keeping. Samples are taken for microbiological testing during important steps of the processing line in order to verify the system. High quality and safe products are the result of an effective quality system based on the HACCP system and traceability as a part of the prerequisite programme helps to manage the system. The quality system at the shrimp processing company examined in this report aims at securing food safety and product traceability. The study confirms that it is possible to trace back and forward the history of the product. The traceability of the products based on labelling of the units in each link is well supported by a recording system, registering the information related to safety and quality of the products in each link of the processing line.

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