Geothermal Diploma Course for Latin America 2022 – Graduation

23 November 2022
Field visit to the geothermal power plant
Field visit to the geothermal power plant

The graduation ceremony of the Geothermal Diploma Course for Latin America was held in San Salvador on November 18th. The event marked the closing of the fifth edition of this academic programme carried out in cooperation between CEL/LaGeo, GRÓ GTP and the University of El Salvador (UES), with funding from the Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The programme had a duration of 22 weeks, having started on June 20th. Seventeen weeks were devoted to lectures, practical work and field trips. One week was dedicated to SDG Short Course IV on the Future of Geothermal Energy Utilization in Latin America: Maintaining and Increasing Production and the Role of Geothermal Energy in Sustainable Development, held jointly by GRÓ GTP and LaGeo in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and the final 4 weeks were used to carry out project work covering the spectrum of geothermal development, individually or in groups.

The curriculum was implemented by Salvadoran and Icelandic experts.

The 27 graduates of the programme came from Argentina (1), Bolivia (1), Colombia (2), Dominican Republic (1), Honduras (1), Mexico (2), Nicaragua (2), and the host country, El Salvador (17). All of the foreign students and 10 Salvadoran students received scholarships.