20 June 2023

An announcement regarding the WGC fellowship funding from GTP

Respond to this announcement immediately if you are applying for the GTP fellowship funding!  
17 June 2023

Home Country Seminar of the Six Month Fellows

Seminar on the geothermal status of our fellows home countries' will be held on Thursday 22 June from 09:30-15:30
The group of 2023 with staff
1 June 2023

The 44th session of the GRÓ GTP

The 44th session of the GRÓ GTP opened on Thursday 1st of June.
31 May 2023

MSc presentation by Damaris Wacera Njoroge

on Friday 2nd of June at 08:30-10:00 at RU in room M208.  
25 May 2023

MSc presentation by Jeffrey M. Andal

on Tuesday 6th of June at 13:00-15:00 at Reykjavík University.  
16 May 2023

MSc presentation by Sadock Josephat Zakaria

Sadock Josephat Zakaria from Tanzania, MSc Fellow in Geochemistry at the University of Iceland will give a presentation on his MSc project on Thursday 25th of May at 12:53-13:03 in Room N-132 in Askja building at University of Iceland.  The presentation will be a part of the UI series "Open seminar at Masters-day of Natural Sciences" and will be 10-12 min long with 3 min allowance for questions.