29 August 2019

MSc presentation by Diego Badilla

Diego Alberto Badilla Elizondo, MSc Fellow in Geophysics at University of Iceland will give a presentation on his MSc project on Wednesday 4 September, 2019 at 15:00 at University of Iceland, room will be announced later on.
26 August 2019

UNU Visiting Lecturer 2019 - Alper Baba from Turkey

The UNU Visiting Lecturer in 2019 is the hydrogeologist and environmental scientist Prof. Dr. Alper Baba from Izmir, Turkey.
14 August 2019

Position of Director of UNU-GTP open for application

At the end of 2019, the current director Lúðvík Georgsson, is leaving his position as per the Government law of retirement age. Orkustofnun therefore advertises the position of a new Director of UNU-GTP, open for application.
16 June 2019

MSc presentation by Pham Dieu Linh

Pham Dieu Linh, MSc Fellow in Chemistry of Thermal Fluids at University of Iceland will give a presentation on her MSc project on Tuesday 18 June, 2019 at 11:00 at University of Iceland, in the Faculty and Institute Lecture room on the 3rd floor.
29 May 2019

MSc presentation by Winnie Adhiambo Apiyo

Winnie Adhiambo Apiyo, MSc Fellow in Sustainable Energy Engineering at Reykjavík University gave a presentation on her MSc project on Monday 27 May, 2019 at 11:00 at Reykjavík University. Due to the sensitiviy of the data her presentation was to a closed audience.
15 May 2019

Home country seminar of the UNU-GTP Fellows

On Friday 17th May, the Fellows participating in the Six Month Training Programme will make a short presentation on geothermal development and utilisation in their home countries.