Title: Evaluation of maintenance management through benchmarking in geothermal power plants

University Thesis
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Geothermal Utilization
United Nations University, Geothermal Training Programme
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ISBN 978-9979-6
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In today’s competitive energy market, many power plants are increasing their competitiveness by
adopting new operating and maintenance philosophies to reduce their Operation and Maintenance
(O&M) costs. Comparing performance among geothermal plants is difficult, as each power plant
works within a unique context of resource, physical plant settings, and organizational goals. However,
benchmarking provides indicators that allow us to examine individual circumstances and
performances within groups of similarly-sized power plants. As geothermal power plants are baseload
stations, the role of maintenance management to improve equipment reliability and plant
availability is very important. In recent practice, power plants have started using benchmarking to
identify the best practices for enhancing their maintenance management. This research involved using
benchmarking for maintenance management of geothermal power plants and developing a
comprehensive model which can help to compare maintenance performance. The model helped in the
search for optimum methods of maintenance management practices in order to improve the overall
effectiveness of operation and maintenance. Appropriately, by adopting the best practices,
benchmarking could help geothermal plants to become more cost-effective in maintenance.

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