Teaching tools

Among other technological transfer, the Fellows receive training in:

  • Report writing
  • Data interpretation
  • On-line reference search
  • Use of relevant software

Each Fellow is provided with a personal computer during the training. All teaching material is available as electronical files and the Fellows can bring the files to their home countries for future work. Throughout the years there has been considerable transfer of computer technology from Iceland to geothermal institutions in the developing countries.

Online recording system:
Since 2009, Fellows have had access to video recordings of the introductory lectures through an e-learning system. The system records and saves the introductory lectures which enables Fellows to access them anytime and from anywhere.  Each Fellow can log on to access individual lectures.  This has served useful if a Fellow has been unable to attend the lectures or for revisions. 

The GTP reserves all rights to the recordings. 

Teaching material:
Most teaching is done by tutorials and practical work where the teacher works with two or three trainees, and available textbooks and articles in journals are made use of. In some instances, however, a special effort has been required to compile text material and manuals as teaching material for the training. Most of this teaching material has been generated by teachers of the Training Programme, largely comprising staff members of ISOR, Orkustofnun (the National Energy Authority) and the Universities. Also, texts have been written by visiting scholars from other countries. The text materials mentioned above have, in most cases, been published in reports. These are available from the Training Programme and some are available on-line.

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