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5 March 2021

SDG 14: Data for sustainable fisheries management

Einar Hjörleifsson is a fisheries biologist with the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute in Iceland. In this video, he talks us through a through a fundamental fisheries equation to help us solve this problem.
26 February 2021

SDG 14: Defining and defending small scale fisheries

In the first of our SDG 14 video series, senior adviser to the GRÓ-FTP Dr. Tumi Tómason talks through SDG 14b
Podcast with Linda Gusia
26 February 2021

Podcast with Linda Gusia

Erasmus+ has long been an invaluable exchange programme for GEST to draw on the expertise of scholars and to engage students from all over the world. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic put an effective halt to most international travel, the GEST pr...
25 February 2021

Coming soon! SDG 14 video series

In this video series, we explore Sustainable Development Goal 14, which relates to life in water and how we can build a path towards conserving living aquatic resources in our oceans and seas.


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