5 July 2024

New Director of GRÓ GTP

On 1 July 2024, Bjarni Richter took over from Gudni Axelsson, as director of GRÓ GTP.
5 July 2024

GRÓ LRT fellows visit the President of Iceland

The GRÓ LRT fellows had the privilege of visiting the President of Iceland, Mr. Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, at the presidential residence Bessastaðir, this week.
The group within the remnants of birch woodlands found in the vicinity of Mount Hekla
3 July 2024

Excursion through the Hekluskógar restoration project area

Last week, the GRÓ LRT fellows went on an excursion to the Hekluskógar restoration project area in South Iceland. The focus of this trip was on land degradation, ecosystem collapse and the wet deserts in Iceland, while also studying restoration strategies and methods to restore vast areas of severely degraded land.
1 July 2024

Launch of the MATI 2024

GRÓ GEST partners with MenEngage Africa Alliance, Sonke, and WILPF.
fellows have graduated from all four training programmes
scholarship recipients have completed a MA/MSc degree
scholarship recipients have completed a PhD degree
student has attended short courses in partner countries


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