16 April 2023

GRÓ-FTP scholarship recipient Hang Thi Nguyen to defend PhD

Tuesday April 18th GRÓ-FTP scholarship recipient, Hang Thi Nguyen, will defend her PhD research Novel protein sources from fish processing side streams and underutilised species for human consumption.
14 April 2023

Fellows' research presentations

As this year’s six-month training programme draws to an end, GRÓ-FTP is happy to announce a series of seminars where graduating fellows will present and discuss results of their research here in Iceland.
23 January 2023

GRÓ-FTP Sustainable Aquaculture fellows in Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands invite GRÓ-FTP Sustainable Aquaculture fellows on a study tour of Faroese aquaculture.
21 December 2022

FTP´s holistic learning approach

Holistic approach to learning fisheries and using UNESCO´s model of learning pillars
20 December 2022

GPG Seafood

Salted fish and Dried fish processing plant in Húsavík
20 December 2022

Jæja Ding Dong Museum

The Eurovision Center in Húsavík