Gudjon Atli Audunsson


Gudjon Atli Audunsson


Short Bio

Guðjon Atli Auðunsson holds a B.Sc. in chemistry from University of Iceland, October 1978. His PhD is in analytical chemistry and was granted from the Department of Analytical Chemistry, University of Lund, Sweden, March 1988.

Dr. Auðunsson teaches for the UNU-FTP on topics related to aquatic pollution and toxicology. His research is multifaceted. He has worked in areas related to development of analytical methods for trace and macroconstituents in food, feed and the environment; monitoring and research on natural and anthropogenic contaminants in the marine and freshwater environment (biota, sediments); trace and macroconstituents in seafood; risk assessment of contaminants in food and feed; environmental impact studies of communities,  aquaculture, and industries; and baleen whales.


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