Title: A survey of small-scale rural aquaculture in Mozambique

Final project
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Supervisors: Helgi Thorarensen
Mozambique; aquaculture; tilapia; production;


The National Institute of Aquaculture Development conducted a survey of small-scale rural aquaculture in Mozambique in 2007. The objective of this project was to analyse information collected through a questionnaire presented to fish farms as a part of the survey. The small hold fish farms are primarily small-scale extensive or semi-intensive producers of tilapia for consumption on the farms. In most of the farms, aquaculture is a secondary activity with other agriculture. The average production of a farm is 42 kg/year and the average yield is 1 mt/ha/year. The annual production in small hold fish farms in Mozambique was estimated as 179 mt in 2007 and multiplying the number of ponds with the average production of 25 kg/pond/year derived this number. However, the results of the survey suggest that this number is too high and that the average production is 9.3 kg/pond/year giving actual production of 67 mt/year. The questionnaire is a very useful tool to assess the status of small hold aquaculture in Mozambique. However, the questionnaire should be revised and improved.

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