Title: Disease prevention and control measures in salmonid farming: biosecurity management for the Chinese industry.

Author(s): Shigen Ye
Final project
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Supervisors: Bernhard Laxdal
Biosecurity; salmonid farming; China.


Atlantic salmon farming has been one of the fastest increasing food industries since the 1980s. As a new producer of Atlantic salmon farming, China's salmon farming industry has developed rapidly in the past decades but is still in the early stages of development. Biosecurity in aquaculture is a set of preventive measures, which have been proved to be effective and successful in salmon farming management. To develop practicable advice to China's salmon farming industry, a comparative analysis of the industry’s current health status and management as well as biosecurity routine practices, was conducted. Questionnaires were sent to both governmental regulatory agencies and salmonid producers in China. On the governmental level, aquatic health management in China is based on the principles found in the OIE Aquatic Animal Health Code and therefore has a common framework like other Atlantic salmon farming communities, to build on. On the farm level, besides basic biosecurity knowledge level, it is of paramount interest to increase the perception and belief of biosecurity practices, thus motivating the industry towards biosecure and sustainable farming. Challenges and potential improvement points for health management and biosecurity for the Chinese Atlantic salmon industry, both on governmental and farm level, are discussed.

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