Title: Effect of temperature abuse on raw material quality and storage life of hot smoked Mackerel (Scomber scrombrus)

Final project
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temperature; quality; storage; mackerel;


The aim of the study was to analyse the effect of temperature abuse on quality and storage life of hot smoked mackerel processed using an improved smoking chamber. With this intent, headed and gutted frozen Mackerel (Scomber scrombrus) were thawed and divided in two experimental groups, one kept in ice and the other at room temperature for 36 hours before processing. The fish were hot smoked and thereafter each group further divided into two subgroups that were stored at room temperature and chilled conditions. To determine quality and the storage life of the products, samples were evaluated using sensory, physical properties, chemical and microbiological methods. Initial samples upon thawing were also evaluated for comparison. Results in general show that the quality of raw material, handling and the storage conditions plays an important role in determining the quality of the final product. According to sensory evaluation as well as microbiological results, the storage life of smoked mackerel stored at room temperature is 7 days; on the other hand, the well handle guaranteed storage life of up to 21 days. After 7 days of storage the abused product reach log 8/g of total plate count which is above the limit of human consumption. The lipid degradation analysis combined with sensory analysis gives information that can be used in evaluating the quality and storage life of smoked fish. To ensure the consumption of safe and high quality smoked fish, it is important to strictly follow the cold chain requirement for handling, processing and storage after processing to assure good quality of the final product. 

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