Title: Facilities inspection manual for assessing conditions and operational requirements in a typical Uganda fish processing establishment with particular reference to legal requirements for general conditions relating to premises and equipment (draft manual)

Author(s): Ignatius O. Odongo
Final project
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inspection manual; operational requirements; Uganda;


This report attempts to review evidence from literature bearing in mind two questions: Are instructional techniques, procedures and methods for assessing premises and equipment conditions and operations available and effective in reducing food processing related hazards? Does the available evidence show certain assessment factors or practices to be more important than others in positive effects on these outcome measures? The report proceeds to offer an agenda for inspecting outstanding legal requirements in premises and equipment needs. Strengthening ways for identification of non-conformities through interpretation of requirements based on good practices; identification of method of inspection; description of procedure for inspection; setting limits of tolerance; explanation of how to arrive at the correct rating for a non-conformity and rating for each item identified in the regulation. In this regard, the EU regulatory requirements have been described along with illustrations from the suggestions of experts to show how the steps contained within them can be met in realistic ways and put forward in an effective inspection program. A critical analysis of the above findings found certain requirements in viewing checklist inspection impacts and success with regard to the current establishment inspection system in Uganda. Despite some reservations and uncertainties, inspection systems as a necessary element in developing and maintaining effective risk control activities remain firmly supported by the available literature. What emerged from this review and analysis was the appreciation of meaningful inspection procedures and recognition of the factors both within and beyond the inspection process that could greatly affect its impact.

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