Title: Identification of the contents for an advanced training course for fish inspectors in Kenya

Final project
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Contents; training course; fish inspectors; fish processing establishments.


The objective of this project is to identify the contents for a training course for fish inspectors in Kenya. A summary of each topic and its relevance to Kenya was made and the relevant sub-topics indicated. The topics covered all the problems associated with seafood and how they are solved by processing technologies, regulations, implementation of HACCP systems and quality assurance inspections. Inspectors should have a risk based approach as they carry out inspections and check on the traceability systems in the fish processing establishments and the fish and fishery products compliance with the microbiological and chemical criteria. Topics covering these areas were identified as essential as well as that on sampling since they carry out different sampling for analysis in their inspection duties. Having knowledge of the fish products buyers’ requirements is crucial to them since they do the certification for the safety of all fishery products exported and a topic covering these requirements was included. Training in these topics will lead to improved inspection skills and the ability to effectively train the fisher folks. A study of how the fish processing establishments are inspected in Iceland was also carried out by joining the inspectors both from the accredited inspection bodies and the Directorate of Fisheries. The experience was used to compare inspections in Iceland and Kenya and to recommend possible areas of improvements in the two countries. 

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