Title: Impacts of fishing and habitat on the density of Banggai cardinal fish (Pterapogon kauderni, Koumans 1933) in Banggai archipelago, Indonesia

Author(s): Kamaluddin Kasim
Final project
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Supervisors: Gudmundur Thordarson


Banggai cardinal fish (Pterapogon kauderni, Koumans 1933) is a rare example of a marine fish with an extremely limited geographic range and is in high demand as an ornamental fish. An underwater visual fish census survey was conducted in June to July 2010 at 18 fishing sites around Banggai archipelago to estimate the density of the stock and assess the impacts of fishing and habitat on density. The areas are divided among the three main islands, namely Banggai Island, Peleng Island, Toropot-Tumbak-Labobo Island. The lowest density index of the P. kauderni recorded at Kindandal village on Peleng Island, 0.014 fish/m2 while the highest abundance index of 3.0 fish/m2 found at Toropot village at Toropot Island. The total abundance of fish estimated from Banggai Island was 3.41 millions, Peleng Island 1.13 millions, and Toropot-Tumbak-Labobo Islands 3.94 millions, respectively. In three survey sites (Bonebaru and Toropot villages) where the fishing activities are still on going, the density has declined compared to a survey conducted in 2004. Majority of the villages in Peleng Island have lower density compared with the other islands possibly due to the degradation of microhabitat of P.kauderni as a result of collection of sea urchins and sea anemone for consumption. The limited available data did not show a significant effect of habitat type on density. 

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