Title: Longline fisheries with special emphasis on bait size and fisheries in DPR of Korea

Author(s): Jon Chun Gil
Final project
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longline fisheries; North Korea; Stakksfjordur; catch rate; length distribution;


A longline experiment was carried out in Stakksfjordur on 8 and 27 January 2006. The aim of the experiment was to investigate the catch rate (number and weight) and length distribution according to different bait sizes. Three trials were conducted keeping certain experimental conditions. In each trial, a skate, which had three lines, was set. Each line had 500 hooks with different bait sizes (small bait 15 g, medium bait 25 g, big bait 35 g). The bait type was saury and the hook used in the experiment was EZ 12/0. The main species was haddock and a little cod, catfish, starry ray and whiting were caught. The medium size bait gave higher catch than the small and big bait in number and weight. The small bait gave a little higher catch than the big bait. The proportion of haddock was 92%. Therefore length analysis was applied only to haddock. The result of measuring the mean length of haddock shows that there is no significant difference in length according to bait sizes.

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