Title: Preparation for obtaining accreditation of analytical methods regarding quality issues as stated in ISO standard ISO/IEC 17025:1999

Final project
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Supervisors: Heida Palmadottir
accreditation; ISO standard; total plate count (TPC); Mozambique;


The present study will be a guideline for the accreditation of analytical methods regarding quality issues based specifically on ISO standard 17025 and practice steps to implement a quality system for accreditation in the fisheries laboratories in Mozambique. It is based on the requirements of ISO standards 17025 for TVB-N analysis and Total Plate Count (TPC) in order to be a guideline for the two fisheries laboratories in Mozambique to obtain accreditation in these two analytical tests. It includes a brief introduction of ISO standard 17025, a figure describing the quality system in general, a theoretical description of the methods (The Total Plate Count-TPC based on APHA 1992 and FDA 1995 and the TVB-N in AOAC) requirements and practical examples using the basic steps to get accreditation, like a control chart for both of them and others tests to check results obtained during practice. It shows that accreditation can not be reached in one moment, but gradually with improvement of organisation, records, equipment, methods and personnel training all organised in a quality manual always in improvement.

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