Title: Seasonal trend and abundance of Sparids in Ghanaian coastal waters: An assessment of the artisanal fisheries sector

Final project
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Supervisors: Gudmundur Thordarson


The artisanal fishery in Ghana plays an important role in the supply of domestic fish over the decades. This sector accounts for about 70% of total marine fish landings (pelagic and demersal). Sparids (seabream) are the high value demersal species exploited in Ghana. This study used a 10-year (2001-2010) data set of regional catch and effort of the various gears to examine the seasonal trend and abundance of various species of Sparids landed by the artisanal fishery. It was noted that catches of the major Sparids declined during the upwelling seasons and by-catch of non-Sparid targeting gears is increased, especially the Ali/Poli/Watsa (APW) within the study period.

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