Title: The effect of different marination procedures on the quality of Blue whiting (Micromesistius poutassou)

Author(s): Carina Fernandes
Final project
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blue whiting; sensory attributes;


In this study, the influence of marinates containing different combinations of soy sauce, sorbitol, sucrose, and citric acid on blue whiting before and after drying were studied. The effects on sensory attributes (odour, flavour and texture), microbial quality (Total Viable Counts, Listeria and coliforms), physico-chemical profile (pH, aw and Total Volatile Basic Nitrogen) and proximate composition (moisture, protein, sodium chloride and fat) were evaluated. For comparison, fresh (not marinated) blue whiting was used as a control. The results showed that the different marinade ingredients and amounts exerted distinct effect on the sensory attributes of dried blue whiting. The sweetness flavour was significantly intensified by the sucrose combined with soy sauce, whilst citric acid enhanced significantly the intensity of sour flavour. Soy sauce also had a slight influence on odour attributes. Rubbery texture was found in the marinated fish, whilst the control ended with more dry texture, as well as more dried fish odour and flavour. The marinade ingredients also had an effect on colour; soy sauce enhanced the red colour whilst the citric acid decreased the redness in the products. After drying, lower level of TVB-N was found in the dried marinated fish compared with the control-dried sample. Higher counts of bacteria were found in the control group after drying than in the marinated groups; this may have been caused by the marination but also that the washing may have reduced the amount of bacteria. Citric acid reduced the pH of the fish at the marination stage leading to substantially lower pH in the dried fish compared with the control. The aw and moisture content was found to be the lowest in the dried control sample, suggesting that the carbohydrates which were taken up during the marination in the other fish samples bound some water.

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