GRÓ Annual Report for 2022

31 July 2023
GRÓ Annual Report for 2022

A total of 92 fellows graduated from the four GRÓ training Programmes in the year 2022. Three alumni graduated with a PhD on a GRÓ scholarship and five acquired a Masters Degree. The Programmes also held short courses on site and online. During 2022 GRÓ adopted a Theory of Change for its work, which is the Results based management system used by UNESCO, under which GRÓ operates. The Centre also rented a guesthouse in Reykjavik that houses fellows from three of the four training programmes.

This is among the information provided in GRÓ‘s Annual report for 2022 that has now been published online. The report includes detailed information about the work of the four programmes, with graphs, charts and photographs that show what GRÓ has achieved both in 2022 and through the 100 years the four programmes have combined been in operation.

The full Annual Report can be found here.