GRÓ opens the doors to a new GRÓ House on Grensásvegur

1 September 2022
GRÓ opens the doors to a new GRÓ House on Grensásvegur

GRÓ - International Centre for Capacity Development, Sustainability and Societal Change has secured the long-term rental of accommodation at Grensásvegur 14 to house fellows, guest lecturers and scholarship recipients from the four GRÓ Programmes. The first group of fellows, hailing from the Geothermal Training Programme, will move in on the 5th of September.

The GRÓ House houses 28 guests comfortably in separate living units with additional access to two shared common rooms for socialising and group cooking. The GRÓ House offers the opportunity for fellows to socialise and share experiences across the four GRÓ programmes.

GRÓ operates under the auspices of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. The four GRÓ programmes, the Geothermal Training Programme, the Fisheries Training Programme, the Land Restoration Training Programme, and the Gender Equality Studies and Training programme, have operated for decades and are one of the central pillars in Iceland’s international development cooperation. All four programmes focus on the capacity building of institutes and individuals in developing countries in fields where Iceland has specialist knowledge to contribute.