New GRÓ Results Framework - An important tool to monitor results

13 July 2023
GRÓ LRT Students
GRÓ LRT Students

The GRÓ Centre for Capacity Development, Sustainability and Societal Change has adopted a results framework that will be an important tool to measure the results of the work of GRÓ across the four GRÓ training programmes. Collecting information about the results of the work and monitoring the quality and satisfaction of GRÓ fellows and partner institutions in a coordinated way, will enable GRÓ to better monitor and assess the results of the work, which will be useful in guiding and enhancing the work of GRÓ for the future.

The results framework sets out performance indicators for the outcome and outputs of GRÓ‘s work, with a defined baseline and target for each one. The results framework also explains how results will be measured and verified and the underlying assumptions for the work.

The results framework is an integral part of GRÓ‘s Theory of Change, adopted last year. The Theory of Change is a result based management system used at UNESCO, which GRÓ operates under the auspices of. The results framework that GRÓ has now adopted is the last component comprising the Theory of Change, which has been developed in close cooperation of the Centre and the four programmes. Even though all programmes have measured the results of their work up to this day, now this can be done in a coordinated fashion.

Over the next months the four GRÓ training programmes will collect information on the baseline, where comparable data is still needed, and coordinate questionnaires for fellows and partner institutions, as to better monitor the results in a coordinated manner.

The results of GRÓ‘s work will also continue to be assessed through external evaluations undertaken by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. The last such evaluation, done by Niras in 2017, found that the four programmes have contributed to many important macro-, meso- and micro- level results. GRÓ has been informed that the MFA will carry out an external evaluation of the work of GRÓ in 2024.