14 March 2022

First day of class for the GRÓ LRT fellows of 2022

We welcomed a new group of fellows to our annual six-month training this morning.
10 March 2022

GTP launches its second Online Course on Geothermal Energy

The course series "Online Course on Geothermal Energy" is aimed at decision makers in our cooperation countries in an effort to increase their interests in developing their geothermal resources, and present to them all the possibilities geothermal energy has to offer.
8 March 2022

Call to GEST Alumni: The March 8 Fund 2022

The GRÓ GEST programme hereby invites its alumni to apply for The March 8 Fund 2022. The deadline for applications is April 19, 2022. Read more about how to apply, eligibility criteria and priorities here.
7 March 2022

Sérfræðingur á sviði sjávarútvegs og þróunarsamvinnu

Sjávarútvegsskóli GRÓ er hluti af GRÓ - Þekkingarmiðstöð þróunarsamvinnu, sem er sjálfstæð miðstöð um uppbyggingu færni og þekkingar í þróunarlöndum og starfar undir merkjum Mennta-, vísinda- og menningarmálastofnunar Sameinuðu þjóðanna (UNESCO)
4 March 2022

MSc presentation by Gloria Gladis Sondakh

Gloria Gladis Sondakh from Indonesia, MSc Fellow in Sustainable Energy at the Reykjavík University will give a presentation on her MSc project on Wednesday 9 March, 2022 at 16:00 in room M104. 
2 March 2022

Congratulations FTP fellows 23rd cohort

Fellows of the 23rd cohort of the GRÓ Fisheries Training Programme graduated from their six-month training in a ceremony held yesterday, 1st of March at the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute in Iceland.