Announcement of MSc and PhD Scholarships recipients

24 January 2022

The evaluation of the applications received from former Fellows for GTP Scholarships for MSc and PhD studies in Iceland has now been carried out. There were 15 valid applications for MSc studies and a record number of 15 for the PhD studies, which shows the continuous enthusiasm for geothermal studies in Iceland.

The number of Scholarships that the GTP could award this year was 4 MSc Scholarships and 2 PhD Scholarships.

The decision on whom to award the MSc and PhD Scholarships was, as always, very difficult with many good applications sent in. The selection is dependent on various factors such as the individual’s performance during their 6 month training in Iceland (i.e. overall progress, final report, supervisor’s recommendation etc.); their general academic career, the needs for higher training and the geothermal development policy of the home country; availability in the chosen field of study at UI or RU; and gender balance.

The selected ones, who have been offered a GTP Scholarships to start their studies in late July/August 2022 are the following:

MSc Scholarships:


   Agata Rostrán Largaespada, Nicaragua, in Geothermal Utilization (RU)


   Fred Ssemuyaba, Uganda, in Geophysical Exploration (UI)


   Mayra Raquel Hernández Cabrera, El Salvador, in Geophysical Exploration (UI) 


   Daniel Wanga Odongo, Kenya, Geothermal Utilization (RU)

PhD Scholarships:


    Patrick Muanza Kant, Congo, in Geothermal Geology (UI)


    Jacqueline Mwakangale, Tanzania, in Environmental Science (UI)

Finally, we would like to draw attention to the fact that each application is valid for two consecutive years, i.e. the applications submitted for 2022 will also be considered in 2023, while applications submitted in 2021 are no longer valid, and need to be renewed if they are to be reconsidered.  We would also like to encourage those who submitted an application for 2022, but are not intending to pursue a scholarship for 2023, to let us know in good time.