Further postponement of the Six Month Training in Iceland due to the COVID-19 pandemic

13 May 2020

As was previously announced, the launch of this year's Geothermal Training Programme was intended to take place on June 2.  However, due to the restrictive COVID-19 virus measures imposed worldwide, it was considered reasonable to postpone the launch until the first half of July. 

The good news is that the current situation in Iceland is stable and it seems the authorities have been able to tackle the spread successfully, placing Iceland as one of the leading countries in the world, having been able to almost eliminate the virus from the society.

However, keeping in mind the fast-changing circumstances during this pandemic, there is still some chance for further changes, which will be announced accordingly as soon as possible.

At the moment though, we are very optimistic that the new date will be feasible, and that we will be able to welcome the new Fellows in Reykjavík in early July.

All further updates will be announced.