GRÓ GTP has a new logo...

23 March 2023
GRÓ GTP has a new logo...

Yes after 3 years, GRÓ GTP has a new logo, again!

Because of logo changing decisions at UNESCO, we needed to change our logo in accordance with the new changes. Therefore, we will no longer be using the logo we started using in 2020, and have now taken up a new logo.  

There are two official versions of our logo and one unofficial.
This is the new official UNESCO affiliated logo: This is a specific GRÓ GTP logo version:

The hot spring logo has been used at GTP since the 1990s and is used unofficially: This logo is no longer in use:
Also for those interested in the branding name of GRÓ GTP it should be known that GRÓ is not an acronym.  This is an Icelandic word meaning 'spore' or 'seed' and the concept was made by a designer who was given the task to rebrand GTP after the transition from UNU to UNESCO. He came up with the brand name GRÓ which refers to a seed being planted in our fellows mind which will then grow and develop into a tree of knowledge upon return to their home countries. It is also a reference to the English word 'grow' because the pronunciation of the two words is the same.

Therefore, the name should be written with the accent over the Ó and a space between the words and not a hyphen: GRÓ GTP

Or if possible, a point in between: GRÓ • GTP