GTP Fellows get a new geothermal experience

16 April 2021
GTP Fellows get a new geothermal experience

GTP Fellows got an unique insight into geothermal activities during a surprise volcanic eruption.  On 19 March, a small eruption began on the Reykjanes peninsula which is very close to the capital area of Iceland.  The eruption has since then grown along a number of fissures, forming a spectacular sight for visitors and geoenthusiasts.  The site has been visited by about 25% of the population already, and of course our MSc and PhD Fellows in the GRÓ Geothermal Training Programme used the opportunity to get a first hand insight at the heat residing inside the earth. 

Not all geothermal experts and geoscientists ever get an opportunity to get a close up view of what the inside of the earth looks like and feel its heat, which they have been studying for so many years and is the source and drive behind their careers.  Our Fellows did not let this opportunity pass by them and visited the eruption site and the flowing and glowing lava over the last few weeks. 

Some more than 5 times!!