GTP launches its second Online Course on Geothermal Energy

10 March 2022
GTP launches its second Online Course on Geothermal Energy
The course series "Online Course on Geothermal Energy" is aimed at decision makers in our cooperation countries in an effort to increase their interests in developing their geothermal resources, and present to them all the possibilities geothermal energy has to offer.
This last series was focused on Africa but this one was aimed Latin America & and the Caribbean.  The course is planned for Asia later this year.  Many of our former fellows and Iceland's leading geothermal experts presented and discussed the extensive potential and economic viability of the resource, ranging from power production to cosmetic production to aquaculture, and the related benefits.
The course was very well received with over 300 registered participants from around 20 countries in the Latin America & and Caribbean region. This new venue represents new grounds for GTP to share the geothermal knowledge even further and more accessibly.
A total of 31 presenters contributed their knowledge and expertise, and we would like to thank them for their input and assistance in launching this course.

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