MSc presentation by Angel Fernando Monroy Parada

12 January 2022

Angel Fernando Monroy Parada from El Salvador, MSc Fellow in Sustainable Energy Engineering at the Reykjavík University will give a presentation on his MSc project on Thursday 13 January, 2022 at 13:00 in room M326. Due to the the current pandemic restrictions the presentation will be available on zoom.

Zoom Link

The title of the project is:

A technical feasibility study for the San Vincente Geothermal Power Plant Project in El Salvador, Central America

Angel's supervisors are:
Dr. William Scott Harvey, Adjunct Professor, Reykjavik University
Dr. Páll Jensson, Professor, Reykjavik University

The external examiner is Dr. Bjarni Pálsson, Executive Director - Geothermal Development, Landsvirkjun

The production of electricity from geothermal energy is forecast to continue growing worldwide. The complexity and high investment cost of a geothermal project require experienced professionals from different disciplines to organize, prepare and deliver a successful project. Historically, geothermal projects were developed without clear guidelines. Nowadays, there are different methodologies between countries and developers. This report proposes nine key development phases and a feasibility study report structure for a specific geothermal project in El Salvador. The technical and feasibility aspects of developing the San Vicente geothermal project can serve as a guideline to prepare a coherent geothermal feasibility study. Three power plant cycles are modelled to examine different scenarios to develop this project. A financial assessment model is carried out by utilising these scenarios their estimated cost, production, and financial assumptions. The proposed scenarios' key performance indicators and financial ratios are analysed to determine the most suitable power plant for the San Vicente project. Using this methodology, geothermal developers, who already know the potential of their project, could technically and financially determine their projects' feasibility.