New host institute for GRÓ GTP

12 February 2021
New host institute for GRÓ GTP

This week, a new service agreement was signed between GRÓ - The International Centre for Capacity Development, Sustainability and Societal Change and Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR). ÍSOR will now take over the hosting of the Geothermal Training Programme, which has been hosted by Orkustofnun – The National Energy Authority of Iceland – since its establishment in 1979.

According to Gudlaugur Thór Thórdarson, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation, this agreement is a result of reform initiated after four UNU Programmes shifted from its cooperation with the United Nations University to UNESCO. On this occasion, the Minister initiated an internal audit of the Programmes' operations, which resulted in formal service and administration agreements with their hosting institutions. This new arrangement should ensure increased efficiency and transparency, and that the funding for these projects will be fully utilised to the benefit our partners in developing countries. If successful, this new arrangement could also provide further opportunities in the future.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs thanks Orkustofnun for the unique service and successful cooperation and strengthening of the Programme over the last four decades as well as for the amicable transfer of the hosting agreements.

The CEO of ÍSOR, Árni Magnússon, says it is a real pleasure for ÍSOR to take over the hosting of the Programme. GTP has played a significant and important role in the training of geothermal specialists for decades and this will continue to be the case under the new host. ÍSOR is looking forward to the cooperation with GRÓ and the new bright future ahead.

Þórdís Ingadóttir, Chairman of the Board of ÍSOR, said that the Geothermal Training Programme and ÍSOR have already had a long cooperation as a significant number of teachers and supervisors have come from the ranks of ÍSOR employees. The Programme has enjoyed the services of many of the world's most qualified specialists in the field of geothermal energy in its collaboration with ÍSOR, Icelandic energy companies and engineering firms among others. This will continue under the new arrangement. She is looking forward to having the Geothermal Training Programme on board and thanks the Ministry for the trust that has been bestowed upon the institute.

Jón Karl Ólafsson, Chairman of the Board of GRÓ expressed his satisfaction with the new host agreement as it marks the end of this two year transition period that he has been involved with from the start. It is a satisfactory step which he looks forward to seeing continue strengthening, especially in the wake of the present pandemic.

The Geothermal Training Programme would like to thank Orkustofnun and all its staff members who have serviced and supported the Programme through the many years since its establishment. The cooperation has been fruitful as well as enjoyable and surely the cooperation will continue on other levels. At the same time, we are excited and looking forward to a successful cooperation with our new host ÍSOR.

Fridrik Jónsson Director of GRÓ, Jón Karl Ólafsson, Chairman of the Board of GRÓ,
Guðni Axelsson Director of GRÓ GTP, Árni Magnússon, CEO of ÍSOR and Thórdís Ingadóttir, Chairman of the Board of ÍSOR.