The 44th session of the GRÓ GTP

1 June 2023
The group of 2023 with staff
The group of 2023 with staff

The 44th session of the GRÓ GTP opened on Thursday 1st of June.

The Director of GRÓ GTP, Guðni Axelsson, welcomed the new group of Fellows in the opening ceremony which was also online as few of the fellows are yet to arrive to Iceland. Árni Magnússon, Director of the host institution  ÍSOR, welcomed the Fellows.  Nína Björk Jónsdóttir, the new Director General of the GRÓ Centre introduced the Centre and the other sister GRÓ Programmes: FTP, LRT, GEST and welcomed the new GTP group to this year's training.  

This year 24 Fellows from 12 countries participate in the six month specialised courses. The Fellows come from Bolivia 2, China 1, Dominica 1, El Salvador 2, India 1, Indonesia 4, Kazakhstan 1, Kenya 6, Mongolia 2, Solomon Islands 1, Tanzania 2, and Uganda 1. This is the first time Kazakhstan and Solomon Islands participate in the Six Month Programme.

We welcome all the new Fellows into the GTP family!