UNU-GTP takes part in the Sino-Icelandic Geothermal Training Program

22 November 2019

The Sino-Icelandic Geothermal Training Program is currently under way at the Sinopec Management Institute in Beijing, China.  The training is organized within the framework of the Sino-Icelandic Geothermal Training Institute, established by Sinopec Star Corporation, Orkustofnun and Arctic Green Energy Corporation.  This first offering of the institute is a 5 week training programme focused on the development and utilization of low-medium temperature geothermal resources.  The training commenced on November 11 and will conclude on December 14.  It is attended by 40 participants from Sinopec Star, Sinopec headquarters and various Chinese agencies, institutes and companies.  Lecture contributions are made by Chinese geothermal experts, Orkustofnun, UNU-GTP, ÍSOR and others.  It is the hope that the training can be followed up with further activities in coming years.

Some regions of China that need heating in the wintertime are rich in geothermal resources, e.g. Shaanxi, Shanxi and Henan provinces, as well as the central cities of Beijing and Tianjin.  In such cases, geothermal district heating can offer significant environmental and economic benefits over coal fired heating, leading to reduced carbon dioxide emissions and enhanced air quality, for the benefit of global and local populations.  According to China Geothermal Energy Development Report, the recoverable reserves of shallow geothermal resources in 336 cities equal 0.7 billion tons of standard coal, with the possibility of meeting the heating and cooling demand of 32 billion square meters.  China has already made great strides in utilizing these resources, having achieved a heating capacity of 50 million square meters and greatly enhancing air quality in cities such as Xiongxian.  The aim of the training is to enhance the knowledge and skills of Chinese geothermal experts in order to further harness this important clean energy resource.

Participants and organisers