Title: The effect of chitosan-based coating on the quality of fresh Redfish (Sebastes marinus) fillet during cold storage.

Author(s): Van Thi Ai Huynh
Final project
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Supervisors: Margret Geirsdottir , Cécile Dargentole
chitosan; quality; redfish; cold storage;


The main aim of this study was to evaluate the improvement of quality obtained through use of chitosan-based coating on redfish fillets under cold storage. For this purpose, four different skinned fillet groups treated with different solutions (water, ascorbic acid 1%, chitosan 1.5 %, chitosan 1.5% combined with gelatine 2%) was stored at 2 -3oC for 12 days to determine the changes (physical, chemical, microbiological, sensory) during preservation. The results revealed that chitosan-based coating significantly increased the whiteness as well as significantly limited the lipid oxidation of redfish fillets during cold storage (p<0.05). It slowed down the increase in TVC in the first 2 days of cold storage. Chitosan combined with gelatine also showed a delay on TVC and Pseudomonas spp. during cold storage. Chitosan-based coating could significantly prolong the freshness of redfish fillets, as well as increase the shelf life and quality of redfish fillet during cold storage (p<0.05).

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