2024 GRÓ GEST Fellows at Geysir
11 March 2024

Getting to Know Iceland Outside Reykjavík

On a clear and sunny (and cold) day in March the GRÓ GEST 2024 Cohort went on a Sunday outing to experience that Iceland is more than its capital and there is more to life than classes and assignments!
The GRÓ LRT Cohort 2024
8 March 2024

GRÓ LRT welcomes the cohort of 2024

The 2024 cohort of fellows have started their six-month training with GRÓ LRT at the Agricultrual University of Iceland. The programme, which is running from 1st of March to 27th of August this year consists of 23 working professionals from nine countries in Africa and Asia, 9 women and 14 men.
8 March 2024

Call for Applications: March 8 Fund 2024

Alumni can now apply for up to €10,000 until late April.
26 February 2024

'Men, Boys and Masculinities' off to a flying start

355 learners enrolled on first day of new online course.