19 December 2022

Food supplements from shrimp shells

Bringing value addition to a step further
19 December 2022

State-of-the-art processing at Samherji

A visit to advanced fish processing plant
19 December 2022

Dalvik – a small village with a big harbour

A visit to Dalvik
16 December 2022

GRÓ adopts strategic priorities until 2027

GRÓ – The International Centre for Capacity Development, Sustainable use of Natural Resources and Societal Change has adopted strategic priorities that will guide its work until 2027. The Strategic priorities are a part of GRÓ‘s Result-Based Management approach, in line with UNESCO‘s guidelines, and explain how GRÓ will implement the Theory of Change.
16 December 2022

Friday at UNAK and Akureyri harbour

Fisheries science with a dash of industry
15 December 2022

New Restoration Ecology Master's programme at AUI

New MSc programme in Restoration Ecology will be launched at the Agricultural University of Iceland (AUI) in the fall of 2023. The programme is offered within the Faculty of Environmental and Forest Sciences like the Postgraduate Diploma that successful fellows receive after attending GRÓ LRT six-month training programme.