22 May 2023

GEST Fellows' Annual Field Visit

The 2023 GEST cohort travelled around the south of Iceland in mid-May. The field visit is annual; this year it was a combination of a celebratory field visit, as the fellows had completed all of GEST’s written assignments, and a study visit related to the module on Gender, Environment and Climate Change which was the last module in the academic programme.
16 May 2023

MSc presentation by Sadock Josephat Zakaria

Sadock Josephat Zakaria from Tanzania, MSc Fellow in Geochemistry at the University of Iceland will give a presentation on his MSc project on Thursday 25th of May at 12:53-13:03 in Room N-132 in Askja building at University of Iceland.  The presentation will be a part of the UI series "Open seminar at Masters-day of Natural Sciences" and will be 10-12 min long with 3 min allowance for questions.  
16 May 2023

GEST Final Seminar 2023

The 2023 GRÓ GEST Cohort will present their final assignments in a seminar to be held on Friday 19th May from 8:55 - 16:05 o'clock. Click to view the programme and for the live streaming link.
16 May 2023

GRÓ GEST Fellows Meet the President of Iceland

The 2023 GEST fellows were invited by the President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, to his official residence yesterday. The President and Eliza Reid, the First Lady, gave the fellows a warm welcome, highlighting the importance of advancing gender equality.
GRÓ LRT fellows with two SCSI specialists: Dr Magnús H. Jóhannsson and Guðný Rut Guðnadóttir
12 May 2023

Visit to SCSI in Gunnarsholt

This week, the GRÓ LRT fellows visited the headquarters of the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (SCSI) in Gunnarsholt, South Iceland. During the visit, the fellows gained valuable insights into SCSI's work, operations, and the agency's rich history.
4 May 2023

ELD guest lecturer at GRÓ LRT

Dr Richard Thomas, the Scientific Coordinator of the Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) Initiative, delivered a two-day course on the economics of land dynamics as part of the six-month training programme at GRÓ LRT this week. In his lectures, Dr Thomas introduced the ELD approach and methodology leading to a cost-benefit analysis of sustainable land management options.