In front of Kaupfélag Fáskrúðsfirðinga
10 November 2021

Tour of demersal fisheries

In a recent two day East Fjord field trip the first day was set up as a tour of demersal fisheries. The trip was organised by University of Akureyri for fellows on GRÓ-FTP’s Fisheries Policy and Management line of specialisation.
9 November 2021

East Fjords Trip

GRÓ-FTP’s Fisheries Policy and Management line of specialisation, which is overseen by University of Akureyri, has recently been on a field trip around the East fjords of Iceland and Vopnafjörður.
The contract was signed by UNAK's Dean of the School of Business and Science, Dr. Oddur Þór Vilhelmsson, and GRÓ-FTP´s Director, Mary Frances Davidson.
5 November 2021

GRÓ-FTP and University of Akureyri sign a contract

Based upon a successful longstanding partnership, the GRÓ – Fisheries Training Programme and the University of Akureyri have signed a new cooperation contract.
4 November 2021

Final project seminar - Tuesday 9 November

On November 9, the final project seminar of the Six Month Fellows will be held.
4 November 2021

Historical Snapshots from the Pandemic

GEST alumni publishes research on the gendered impact of COVID-19
22 October 2021

Out and about in Húsavik

Fellows visit Haukamýri and GPG Seafood in Húsavík on the shores of Skjálfandi Bay.