7 June 2023

Recordings for a New Online Course

This week a group of international top scholars in the fields of gender, psychology and masculinity studies, visited Iceland to record material for the upcoming GRÓ GEST online course Men, Boys and Masculinities.
Outside the Fisheries Research Station in Monkey Bay. From the left: James Banda, María Guðjónsdóttir, Ólöf Guðný Geirsdóttir, and two visiting students from Department of Food Science and Nutrition at University of Iceland.
2 June 2023

Former FTP fellow in Malawi, James Banda, hosts a visit from the University of Iceland

Visit from Professor Maria and Faculty Members from University of Iceland
The group of 2023 with staff
1 June 2023

The 44th session of the GRÓ GTP

The 44th session of the GRÓ GTP opened on Thursday 1st of June.
31 May 2023

MSc presentation by Damaris Wacera Njoroge

on Friday 2nd of June at 08:30-10:00 at RU in room M208.  
25 May 2023

Jafnréttisskóli GRÓ útskrifar tuttugu og þrjá nemendur

Tuttugu og þrír nemendur frá Alþjóðlegum jafnréttisskóla GRÓ (GRÓ- GEST) útskrifuðust í gær með diplómu á meistarastigi í alþjóðlegum jafnréttisfræðum. Hópurinn er sá fimmtándi sem útskrifast frá Jafnréttisskólanum.
25 May 2023

MSc presentation by Jeffrey M. Andal

on Tuesday 6th of June at 13:00-15:00 at Reykjavík University.