The 2022 GRÓ GEST Cohort
21 January 2022

GRÓ GEST Welcomes the 2022 Cohort

The GRÓ GEST team is very pleased to welcome the 14th GEST cohort to Iceland, which has now completed its first week at the GEST programme.
12 January 2022

MSc presentation by Angel Fernando Monroy Parada

Angel Fernando Monroy Parada from El Salvador, MSc Fellow in Sustainable Energy Engineering at the Reykjavík University will give a presentation on his MSc project on Thursday 13 January, 2021 at 13:00. 
10 January 2022

Funding opportunity for private sector initiatives through the Icelandic SDGs Partnership Fund

Recognizing the critical importance of the private sector in driving sustainable development, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Iceland established the Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Fund in 2018.
10 January 2022

Icelandic support for private sector initiatives through the SDGs Partnership Fund – Private Sector Development

Ministry for Foreign Affairs announces the Sustainable Development Goals Partnership Fund.
3 January 2022

SDGs Partnership Fund open for applications

We encourage our former and present fellows to share information about the Icelandic MFA´s SDG Partnership Fund. It is intended to support collaboration between partners in developing countries and Icelandic private sector businesses.
31 December 2021

GRÓ GEST 2021 - Year in Review

Yet another year has passed at the GRÓ GEST. The GEST team is thankful for having been able to continue GEST' main activities despite the pandemic, including the postgraduate programme.