Dr Thamae, Mrs Marunye and Professor George from the National University of Lesotho
21 June 2023

Collaborators from the National University of Lesotho visit GRÓ LRT

This week, GRÓ LRT has the honour to welcome three representatives from the National University of Lesotho (NUL): Professor Mosotho Joseph George, from the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Technology and Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology, Dr Mamohau Elizabeth Thamae, Senior Lecturer and Acting Director of the Water Institute at NUL, and Mrs Rethabile Joalane Marunye, Lecturer & Head of Department of Geography and Environmental Science.
20 June 2023

An announcement regarding the WGC fellowship funding from GTP

Respond to this announcement immediately if you are applying for the GTP fellowship funding!  
20 June 2023

GRÓ GEST visits Birzeit University

GRÓ GEST was invited to attend the international staff week at Birzeit University, Palestine, during the week 5-9 June 2023. The visit was a part of the ERASMUS+ staff mobility, facilitated by the International Office at the University of Iceland, and funded by the European Union.
17 June 2023

Home Country Seminar of the Six Month Fellows

Seminar on the geothermal status of our fellows home countries' will be held on Thursday 22 June from 09:30-15:30
Vasila Sharipova from Uzbekistan presenting her project proposal
16 June 2023

GRÓ LRT fellows present their project proposals

Today, the GRÓ LRT fellows introduced their individual projects, which will shape their work throughout the remaining duration of the GRÓ LRT six-month training programme.
7 June 2023

Recordings for a New Online Course

This week a group of international top scholars in the fields of gender, psychology and masculinity studies, visited Iceland to record material for the upcoming GRÓ GEST online course Men, Boys and Masculinities.